The LA Times' Sources

Posted: May 01, 2009 5:58 PM
Anyone who wonders whether the LA Times is "fair and balanced" in its sourcing shouldn't bother.

Take this story about Judge Jay Bybee, who's involved in the brouhaha over the supposed "torture memoes."  The reporter, Carol Williams, interviews three law professors about the matter.

What caught my attention is that I recognized the names of two of them -- John Parry and Shaun Martin -- who (incidentally?) served on The Harvard Law Review with Barack Obama (they were in his class) and were his ideological compatriots.  Both of them were nice guys (John, in particular, was very good to me) but they're not even close to being moderates.  They are lefties.

The third source, Marjorie Cohn, is obviously part of the loony left.  Bio here.

So Carol Williams somehow ends up talking to two very lefty erstwhile colleagues of the President's and a real loony leftist -- and that's good enough for The Times.  And they wonder why their circulation is going down in flames.  After all, fair minded liberals want to hear both sides of the story, too.