Liberal Disenchantment?

Posted: Feb 16, 2009 5:27 PM
A piece in today's LA Times discusses disenchantment on the left with President Obama's apparent backing-off of hard-core liberal commitments he made during the campaign.

Of course, disappointment is inevitable when one votes for a Messiah and then discovers he's only a man.

But judging from the left-wing giveaways in the "stimulus" package, liberals have little to fear.  As he did with the pork package, Obama will go as far left as he can, often letting Pelosi/Reid take the "blame" so that he can still maintain some semblance of centrist credentials.

Obama may or may not be a committed liberal,  but there is one goal to which he is committed: Being re-elected.  And the leftist groups should realize that, for better or worse, whatever commitments he made during the campaign, Obama is going to do nothing to jeopardize that top goal.