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Who's "Doomed"?

CBS' Jon Friedman warns Republicans that the Sarah Palin phenomenon is "doomed."  Why?  Because, he writes, "we inevitably raise stars to mythic levels, out of all reasonable proportions. Then we knock them down."  What's he trying to say? That Sarah Palin's appeal will dissipate when all the sheep in the US public aren't being spoon fed flattering stories about her from the press?

Don't make me laugh.

Where, exactly, was the part where anyone in the MSM "raise]d]" Sarah Palin anywhere?  The press has been trying, almost from the beginning, to knock Governor Palin down -- and the public knows it.  Can anyone point me to one single flattering MSM piece about the Governor or her family -- you know, the kind that the Obamas have enjoyed on a regular basis?

In fact, Barack Obama constitutes a living refutation of Friedman's thesis.  We have the most inexperienced, far-left candidate ever on a major party presidential ticket, with dubious associates and questionable performances in his past -- and yet, none of it is covered. 

Odd.  Well, perhaps with Friedman's insistence that Governor Palin's impact will diminish, the wish is father to the thought.


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