A Few Notes on Biden & His Children

Posted: Sep 08, 2008 4:45 PM
While the New York Times runs three pieces on its front page about Bristol Palin -- and covers Governor Palin's baby son, Trig -- perhaps someone over there should take a moment to look into the following matters about Joe and his grown children.  

Joe Biden's campaign funds have paid $208,000 to the law firm his son, Hunter, founded since 2005. (More here in USA Today)

Biden helped scuttle a bipartisan bill to curb abusive asbestos lawsuits while his son, Beau, was filing them in Delaware and one of his own former staffers was lobbying against the bill. (More here in a different piece in USA Today).

Biden helped pass a bill that favored credit card companies, making it more difficult for consumers to declare bankruptcy, while Hunter represented one of the largest companies favoring the legislation.  Obama voted against the bill.

Three of Biden's presidential fundraisers were later indicted in a bribery scheme in Mississippi.  (News story here).


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