Talk About Moral Obtuseness

Posted: Jun 02, 2008 10:36 PM
Back in February of 2007, Dennis Prager noted a pernicious trend of global warming skeptics being compared to Holocaust deniers.

Prager was prescient -- and, if anything, too charitable toward the global warming totalitarians.  Today, an Anglican bishop (I'm ashamed to say, as an Episcopalian) equated those not doing "enough" about climate change with Josef Fritzl.  That's the Austrian man who locked his own daughter in a basement for 24 years, sexually assaulted her, and imprisoned some of his own children/grandchildren along with her.

It's remarkable that so many on the left can supposedly identify evil when it comes to climate change -- but can't apparently grasp the motives, means and objectives of the Islamofascists who threaten the world. 

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