What a WHINER!!!

Posted: May 18, 2008 4:10 PM
From the annals of "almost too unbelievable to be true": Barack Obama is hinting that John McCain has benefited from an imbalance in press coverage.

That's right -- the same McCain who slimed by the New York Times, which was as eager to report an affair that (by all accounts) wasn't, as it was reluctant to report the hate-filled rantings of Jeremiah Wright.  Note that this suggestion is coming from the same Obama who's received such over-the-top glowing press coverage that Saturday Night Live lampooned it in the now-famous sketch embraced by the Clinton campaign.

I never pegged Barack Obama as a weak-kneed whiner.  That said, his complaints about the President's criticism of "appeasement" (supposedly directed at him), coupled with his ludicrous suggestion that any Republican is going to get better press coverage than a Democrat, certainly suggests that the likely nominee isn't just thin-skinned . . . he might be a bit of a whiner.