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There something deeply ironic in watching identity politics (African American vs. woman) sow the seeds of a Democrat debacle, given that the Dems have them against Republicans so long.

Now, the same is true when it comes to electoral "fairness."  Bill Schneider points up the possibility of either Barack or Hillary complaining about the "fairness" of any process that results in him or her losing the nomination.

These complaints will have resonance in the Democratic Party, and will do much to convince a substantial number of the loser's supporters that their disappointment stems from injustice, not simply from losing.  And the behavior of their own leaders over the past eight years -- since the election of 2000 -- will make such bitterness eminently understandable and justifiable.

For their own political purposes, Dem leaders stoked discontent and dark suspicions about the inherent fairness of electoral processes in this country.  They seem to be reaping the whirlwind.

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