These Sheriffs Had a Novel Way of Decorating the Office Christmas Tree This Year

Posted: Dec 06, 2020 1:50 PM
These Sheriffs Had a Novel Way of Decorating the Office Christmas Tree This Year

Source: AP Photo/Pat Sullivan

Sheriffs in Mobile, Alabama, came up with a novel way to decorate their office Christmas Tree this year. 

In a Facebook post, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office posted a picture of its Christmas tree. True, not everyone is happy with the ornaments the sheriffs chose this year, but the decorations won't bother those of us who think taking repeat offenders off the streets is a cause worth celebrating. 

"We have decorated our Tree with THUGSHOTS to show how many Thugs we have taken off the streets of Mobile this year! We could not have done it without our faithful followers!" The TEAM SHERIFF account posted on Facebook.

The tree wasn't actually decorated with "THUGSHOTS," but mugshots of repeat offenders were photoshopped onto a picture of the Christmas tree. 

The sheriffs also announced "a special Christmas offer" for any Mobile County thugs willing to swing by the department to pick it up. 

"Come to 510 South Royal Street and you will get to pick out one item from our property room! That’s right…any of the things that your friend THUGS have stolen will be available for you! But that’s not all, after you choose your one stolen item, your very own personal concierge #correctionsofficer will provide an escort to METRO DELUXE where you will receive your FREE COVID TEST. If you pass your test, then your concierge will take you for a 'custom fitting' to receive your Holiday Jumpsuit with matching 'flap flops'.
Many people ask after receiving their custom fit jumpsuit, What are the different ways to wear a jumpsuit during the holiday season? Our experts, #repeatoffenders, say dress it up with a jacket on top, blazer for formal events or a leather jacket for those casual outings…#thebasketballcourtwherenobodyeverplays. You can even tie a jacket around your waist during the day in place of a belt #cuzbeltsarenotallowedatMetro#yikes." 

It looks like the post has since been removed. It turns out not everyone liked the decorations. 

The Hill reports that Alabama NAACP President Robert Clapton condemned the post, calling it "inappropriate, shameful, disrespectful, despicable, disgusting and embarrassing to the citizens of Mobile County."

But Lori Myles, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, told the Associated Press the post was part of the office’s "thug Thursday" initiative. Myles said the initiative is an attempt to highlight pictures of repeat offenders. 

"It’s not their first rodeo," said Myles.