Millions of Americans Have Beaten the Coronavirus, Including This 102-Year-Old Woman, Twice

Posted: Dec 06, 2020 9:20 PM

In the midst of all the panic over the coronavirus, even as cases surge and Americans anxiously await access to a vaccine, it's important to remember millions of Americans have successfully kicked the virus, including this 102-year-old woman, twice. 

Angelina Friedman of New York survived the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918, and now, more than a century later, she's added cancer and two bouts of the coronavirus to her list. 

Friedman was first diagnosed with COVID-19 at a hospital back in March shortly after leaving a New York nursing home. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) had a disastrous policy of sending infected COVID-19 patients into nursing homes early on in the pandemic, as reflected in charts showing deaths in New York. 

Her first experience with the coronavirus wasn't all that bad, recalls Friedman's daughter, Joanna Merola, who was surprised by the positive test result since her mother wasn't even sick. Friedman had gone to the hospital for a minor leg procedure when she received a test. 

"She was never really symptomatic the first time around," Merola told NBC News. According to the report, Friedman spent a week in the hospital before going to a nursing home. 

Then in October, shortly after Friedman turned 102, the centenarian was diagnosed with COVID-19 a second time.

"She had a cough, she was lethargic, she had a fever again," her daughter said. "The first time you wouldn't know she was sick."

But Friedman bounced back from the coronavirus once again, and her daughter hopes that by telling her mother's story she will give people a reason to hope. And people should be hopeful. 

The media has been non-stop doom-and-gloom about the virus, save for the pause over the summer to accommodate BLM-Antifa rioters. But it's important to hear stories like Friedman's and the millions of others who have kicked the virus. 

Chin up, America. There are vaccines around the corner, and the pandemic won't last forever. Soon, the liberal media will have everyone back to worrying about climate change. Ah, the good old days.