WATCH: Woman Recalls Learning Her Deceased Grandmother Voted

Posted: Nov 05, 2020 9:05 PM
WATCH: Woman Recalls Learning Her Deceased Grandmother Voted

Source: AP Photo/John Locher

The Nevada Republican Party has sent a criminal complaint to Attorney General Wiliam Barr alleging more than 3,000 instances of widespread voter fraud in the state. President Trump has been trailing Joe Biden in the Silver State by just a few thousand votes. 

On Thursday, the Nevada Republican Party shared an emotional video of a woman recalling the dismaying moment when she learned that her dead grandmother's identity was used to cast a vote in the 2020 election. 

"This morning I watched the press conference that took place in Las Vegas over the ballot fraud," the woman began. "And I thought, 'My grandmother passed away in September. I wonder if I should look her up and see if it shows up.'"

The woman said she was inspired by the press conference to look up her grandmother's vote status on ballottrax. She then describes the disheartening moment when she found out that someone had allegedly used her dead grandmother's identity to vote.

"It shows up that she voted in the general election and thanks her for her vote," the woman says. 

According to the woman in the video, her grandmother passed away in early September. 

"My family is still going through a grieving process," the woman said. "You just don't expect this. You don't expect this." 

The Trump campaign announced in a press conference on Thursday that they are filing a federal lawsuit in Nevada over alleged voter fraud in the state.

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