Hot Mic: Kamala Doesn't Know Where She Is On the Campaign Trail

Posted: Oct 24, 2020 5:45 PM
Hot Mic: Kamala Doesn't Know Where She Is On the Campaign Trail

Source: AP Photo/John Bazemore

The weekend after Joe Biden told voters he would eliminate the oil industry, Kamala Harris rescheduled a previously canceled visit to Cleveland, Ohio. Harris didn't know exactly where she was in flyover country when the left-coast liberal spoke to voters on Saturday. 

"Are we in Cleveland?" Kamala asked a man who handed her a microphone. 

After the man told the California liberal that indeed this is what Cleveland looked like, Kamala feigned warmness for the small crowd gathered. 

"Hey, Cleveland!" Harris said. "It's Kamala!" 

It's amazing anyone living in "flyover" country would vote for these far-left elites. Does anyone believe Kamala would step foot in Cleveland if she wasn't running for president -- I mean vice president -- and needed something from them?  

During the left-wing riots, Kamala was bailing out violent rioters in Minnesota because she probably never heard of Minnesota, and the violence was nowhere near her liberal bubble. Harris is the most liberal member in the United States Senate. She endorsed AOC's Green New Deal, and is already referring to the prospect of a Biden presidency as a "Harris administration." 

The Democrats are now the party of Hollywood, Wall Street, George Soros, and the mainstream media -- these swing states should swing right over to Trump and the Republicans before Democrats finish burning down their cities, eliminating jobs, destroying capitalism, and taxing their businesses right out of existence. 

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