Biden Says He Will Eliminate the Oil Industry

Posted: Oct 22, 2020 11:20 PM
Biden Says He Will Eliminate the Oil Industry

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

At the second and final presidential debate, Joe Biden told Americans he plans on transitioning America out of the oil industry and lied about his previous statements saying he would end fracking and ban fossil fuels.

One of the most important questions posed to Joe Biden at the presidential debate was asked by President Trump, not the moderator. 

"Would you close down the oil industry?" Trump asked Biden.

"I would transition from the oil industry, yes," Biden answered. 

"Why would you do that?" the moderator asked.

"Because the oil industry pollutes significantly," Biden elaborated.

Biden went on to say he would transition out of the oil industry by eliminating subsidies for oil companies, which would lead to catastrophic job losses for American workers, and invest in renewable energy companies (think Solyndra).

Biden also lied about previously supporting bans on fracking and fossil fuels, but Trump kept the receipts. 

It was a complete joke that climate change was even a debate topic Thursday night and the economy wasn't, even though the economy is a far more important issue to voters than climate change. Luckily, not much time was wasted on climate change and American voters finally got a glimpse of what Biden's radical energy policy entails. In the Biden administration, climate change will be priority number one and "AOC plus three" and the Green New Deal will be leading the Biden administration's elimination of the oil industry. 

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