WATCH: Schumer Nods Along While AOC Talks About Impeaching Trump Again

Posted: Sep 20, 2020 9:20 PM

Democrats still haven't accepted the results of the 2016 election. Voters gave Republicans control of the White House and the Senate in large part to ensure that radical left-wing judges don't find their way on to the Supreme Court. If Democrats were in control, they probably would have already filled the current vacancy with that crazy judge presiding over the Michael Flynn case.

According to Chuck Schumer, the role of a Supreme Court justice "is to protect the rights of our globe and the people who live on it so that climate is protected." In case you didn't know that. But if President Trump is allowed to fill the current vacancy, Chuck warns the president's nominee, whoever it ends up being, will "undo all of that." 

When asked about packing the court and abolishing the filibuster, lunatic Schumer said that if Biden wins the presidency and Democrats take back the Senate, "God willing, everything is on the table." 

Schumer then invited fellow crazy person AOC to the podium who said impeachment and all other options should be on the table to prevent Trump from filling the Supreme Court vacancy. The Senate minority leader nodded his head along in agreement. 

Democrats are making a pretty good case as to why voters should keep Republicans and President Trump in power. Democrats responded to the news of Ginsburg's passing by threatening violence and another impeachment. Democrats already wasted the first precious months of the global pandemic on an impeachment hoax, as comedian Chris Rock pointed out. They want another one? Do Democrats think promising to pack the Supreme Court, kill the filibuster, and govern like totalitarians is somehow going to "bring the country together"?