WATCH: Left-Wing Mob Targets Another Government Official's Home

Posted: Aug 15, 2020 3:25 PM

Leftist rioters have been committing violence for weeks all across America. The ironically-named Antifa has been smashing windows and terrorizing communities in places like Seattle, Portland and elsewhere. Kristallnacht-style violence is quickly becoming the new norm at left-wing gatherings as the liberal news media refuses to call these rioters anything other than peaceful protesters. But even when the left-wing mob isn't committing physical violence, they're threatening, intimidating, and harassing their political opponents and their families. 

On Saturday, the mob targeted the DC home of United States Postal Service Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, following propaganda put out by Democratic politicians, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), as well as other indoctrinators in the news media. Democrats and the liberal media demonize Republicans, always the first step in normalizing violence against one's enemies. 

Democrats are now telling the mob that evil Republicans are using the Postal Service to steal the election away from Democrats. The Left is already planting seeds to delegitimize the results of November's election. The propaganda points to letters put out by the Postal Service warning state election commissions of the reality that voters' ballots could be at risk of not arriving at election offices in time to be counted due to the high volume of ballots being cast and election rules being incompatible with delivery times of the postal service. 

At the flip of a switch, Democrats demanded vote-by-mail just months before the election, and are now pretending that the lack of infrastructure and the ability to accurately and expeditiously conduct elections by mail in all 50 states is part of some evil conspiracy theory launched by Republicans. Never mind that Republicans have been warning about the dangers of vote-by-mail, citing these exact realities and the increased risk of ballot harvesting and other tactics routinely used by the Left to commit voter fraud. 

But the propaganda worked, and a left-wing mob carried out a "noise demonstration" outside of Postmaster DeJoy's home on Saturday, terrorizing Dejoy, his family, and his neighbors. Dejoy and his wife have two children. 

The leftist violence only seems to be ratcheting up as the election draws near. Last month, a leftist mob descended upon the home of Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf. According to a mob leader with a bullhorn, the mob was there to make "social consequences" for Wolf and his family. Wolf has a wife and two young children. 

"This man lives here quietly and is able to live just like us, and we need to do something about that," the woman threatened. 

In lieu of free speech, a contest of ideas and political debate, the Left has embraced Marxist strategies and tactics to frighten their political opponents into submission and silence their detractors. The Left doesn't believe in the foundational principles of America. They burn the country's flag, attack government property, terrorize American streets, declare entire neighborhoods "autonomous," and threaten our government officials and their families. 

The Great Democratic Panic
Byron York

The Left's political thuggery should have no place in America.