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WATCH: Trump Wrecks Reporter Who Complains About Crowd Size at Press Conference

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Friday was a big news day, so the president held a press conference at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, to discuss the latest developments. Among the developments, the president announced plans to sign new executive orders to cut payroll taxes retroactively through July 1, extend enhanced unemployment benefits, suspend student loan payments and interest, continue the moratorium on rental evictions, and require health insurance providers to cover individuals with pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies were previously required to insure individuals with pre-existing conditions, but the fate of the Affordable Care Act hangs in the balance amid legal challenges. 

Dozens of onlookers at Trump's golf course gathered in the room as the president also discussed the encouraging data coming out of coronavirus hotspots in the south, the better-than-expected July jobs report, the violent explosion in Beirut and the U.S. assistance being dispatched to the region, as well as a number of other items. 

It was a lot to digest, and the burning question on top of one liberal reporter's mind was, why weren't the onlookers practicing social distancing? According to the reporter, the whole crowd was in violation of New Jersey's rules regarding large gatherings. 

"You're wrong on that," the president shot back, "because it's a political activity ... and it's also a peaceful protest." The crowd erupted in cheers at the president's comparison.

The liberal media never scrutinized leftwing protests for failing to practice social distancing -- much less vandalizing, looting, and setting fire to businesses and government property. The media encouraged those gatherings. 

Trump concluded his answer by saying the country would be much further ahead if the media wasn't so corrupt and dishonest. To illustrate his point, Trump cited another reporter's question from just moments earlier that referenced an assessment from the intelligence community finding China and Iran are interfering in the U.S. election on behalf of Joe Biden. But the reporter's question focused on Russia, the lone country in the assessment that is believed to be interfering in any way to help the president.

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