Hmm: First Biden's Mind Fails and Then the Live Stream?

Posted: Jun 25, 2020 7:45 PM

Another day, another example of Joe Biden's mental decline. 

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee spoke on health care at an event in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Thursday. An entire event dedicated to health care and the subject of dementia never came up. 

Biden, who confuses his wife for his sister, hopes to position himself as the go-to expert on the coronavirus. To demonstrate his profound knowledge on the subject, Biden familiarized himself with the latest statistics on the disease. 

"You have, unnecessarily, now we have over 120 million dead from COVID," Biden declared.

Only the death toll is nowhere near that amount thanks, in large part, to Trump's travel restrictions on China in the early days of the pandemic. Restrictions that Joe Biden and the Democrats opposed

Around 126,000 deaths in the United States have been attributed to the disease. Worldwide, the number sits at around 485,000. Even Gov. Cuomo couldn't get the number up that high because there aren't 120 million people in New York nursing homes

So what on Earth is Joe Biden talking about? The campaign must have been wondering the same thing because, just as Biden says something baffling and closes his eyes in frustration over another mental failure, the live stream freezes. The image stayed frozen for well over a minute. Coincidence? Is it a coincidence that Biden hasn't held a press conference in 84 days? 

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