Poll Finds Over Half Think Biden Likely in 'Early Stages of Dementia'

Posted: Jun 19, 2020 8:00 PM
Poll Finds Over Half Think Biden Likely in 'Early Stages of Dementia'

Source: AP Photo/Paul Vernon

The mainstream media is pretending like it's completely normal for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to be hiding out in his basement and refusing to hold a press conference in the months before the presidential election. Obviously, something is wrong. 

When Biden does speak, he can't finish his sentences, forgets where he is and who he's talking to, and says other bizarre and bewildering things. So what's surprising about a new poll, then, is that only 55 percent think Biden is likely in the early stages of dementia. It must be true that people don't really pay attention to the candidates until after Labor Day.

The poll, conducted by Zogby, found 77 percent of Republicans think it is more likely than not that former Vice President Joe Biden is in the early stages of dementia. A majority of Independents, 56 percent, feel the same way. A surprising number of Democrats, 32 percent, even think Biden likely has dementia. It looks like the Democrats were serious about their "anyone but Trump" slogan.  

Zogby Analytics conducted the online survey of 1007 likely voters between Jun. 1 and Jun. 2, so a number of Biden gaffes have happened since then. 

On Wednesday, Biden gave a speech in Darby, Pennsylvania. The candidate appeared lethargic, shouting at random times during his speech. He also paused at random times, too, and his eyes rarely strayed from the teleprompters flanking the podium. At the end of the speech, Biden told the president to "wake up," as he stared deadpan at the camera. The unsuspecting audience didn't realize Biden had concluded his speech until the candidate began walking away. 

Maybe the people who didn't think Biden was in the early stages of dementia thought Biden was in the later stages.