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WATCH: Biden Is Stunned When He Realizes He Mixed Up His Wife and His Sister

AP Photo/Chris Carlson

During his address to supporters on Tuesday night, former Vice President Joe Biden confused his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, with his sister, Valerie Biden Owens.

"They don't call it Super Tuesday for nothing!" Biden exclaimed, touting his success in the majority of states.


"By the way, this is my little sister, Valerie," Biden said, grabbing his wife Jill's hand. He then grabs his sister's hand saying, "And I'm Jill's husband."

Jill Biden was laughing as though her husband was making a joke. Valerie, however, was looking to Jill for a response.

Once Biden realized the mixup, his eyes widened. "This is my wife," he said, hugging Jill. 

"This is my sister," he said, grabbing Valerie's hand. "They switched on me!"

Despite the mixup and a confused look on the former vice president's face, the crowd of supporters cheered.

What's scary is Biden came out victorious in Alabama, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina and Virginia. Even though he has repeatedly had so-called "gaffes" the former veep has said numerous things that show he has the beginning stages of Dementia. And no, I'm not a doctor. And no, I'm not saying that to be mean. I'm saying that because it's concerning when a potential leader of the free world can't remember what office he's running for, the first sentence of the Declaration of Independence, let alone who is wife and sister are. And those are just the "gaffes" that happened this week.


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