CBP Agents Rescue 4 Lost Illegals Who Called 911 After Crossing Border

Posted: Apr 26, 2020 9:00 AM
CBP Agents Rescue 4 Lost Illegals Who Called 911 After Crossing Border

Source: AP Photo/Matt York

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents, supported by the American taxpayer, saved the lives of four illegal aliens who got lost in the mountains after illegally crossing into the United States. 

CBP reported that agents at the El Centro Sector rescued the four individuals Friday morning, in the Jacumba Mountain Wildnerness area, just south of Ocotillo, California. 

(Via CBP)

At approximately 9:10 a.m., four individuals lost and in distress called 911 dispatch requesting help. The individuals were attempting to illegally enter the United States through a mountainous area when they became lost. Dispatchers forwarded the call to the El Centro Sector Border Patrol’s Radio Communications department.

Dispatch was able to pinpoint coordinates of two of the subject’s location through their cell phones and relayed the information to agents near the area, who responded immediately. Agents were able to locate two subjects, who appeared extremely tired and dehydrated. The temperature that day was around 100-degrees and the terrain in that area is mountainous and extremely dangerous.

The agents were assisted in their search for the other two individuals by the Border Search Trauma and Rescue team, Air and Marine Operations agents and a helicopter from the San Diego branch. The missing two individuals were located and provided water to rehydrate. After a medical evaluation, all four illegal aliens – two men, one male juvenile and one woman – were processed for illegal entry. 

“This rescue is another reminder of the risks and dangers associated with illegally crossing into the United States. The high temperatures and dangerous terrain could be deadly,” said Chief Patrol Agent Gregory K. Bovino in a statement. “Saving a life is always a priority; this rescue can be attributed to the dedication and commitment of our agents who work tirelessly to protect and secure the Southwest Border.”