Fireworks: Trump Dunks on Argumentative Reporters at White House Press Briefing

Posted: Apr 19, 2020 10:30 PM
Fireworks: Trump Dunks on Argumentative Reporters at White House Press Briefing

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

We may no longer have professional sports, but at least we get to watch President Trump dunk on reporters who mistake the question-and-answer period for debate time.

CNN's Jeremy Diamond repeatedly argued with the president during Sunday's White House press briefing, as did CBS reporter Weijia Jiang.

Jiang reworded Democratic talking points into questions, asking why Trump waited so long to warn the American people about the Wuhan coronavirus. As Trump corrected the record, referencing his Chinese travel ban early on, the reporter kept interrupting the president. 

"Nice and easy. Just relax," Trump suggested, as Jiang talked over the president. 

The reporter wanted a debate, but she was ill-prepared for one, unable to answer the president's question about how many coronavirus cases were reported in the United States when Trump issued the travel ban. 

Trump even had to tell the reporter to "keep her voice down" long enough so the president could answer. 

CNN's Diamond similarly argued with the president, insinuating that Trump was duped by Chinese President Xi Jinping for having once said nice things about the leader. Again, as Trump attempted to clear the record, the CNN reporter kept interrupting.

"Listen CNN ... You people are so pathetic at CNN. ... Listen ... That's why your ratings are so bad because you're pathetic. ... Your ratings are terrible. You have to get back to real news," were some of Trump's greatest hits.

Earlier on Sunday, Gov. Cuomo said nice things about the president, which Trump replayed at the press briefing to counter the media's false narrative that Trump is hanging New York and other states out to dry. Diamond asked the president why he would play such a clip at the press briefing that highlights the good job the president and the federal government have been doing. CNN thinks only criticism of the president and the federal government should be mentioned during press briefings. 

Trump responded by saying he was simply standing up for the tens of thousands of men and women who have been building hospitals, the military doctors and nurses, and other members of the federal government who deserve to be praised for their heroic actions during the coronavirus pandemic. Once again, Diamond interrupted the president. 

"[T]hose people have been just absolutely excoriated by some of the fake news like you," Trump told Diamond. "You're CNN. You're fake news. ... because you don't have the brains you were born with. You should be praising the people that have done a good job, not doing what you do. ... Look, you're never going to treat me fairly, many of you, and I understand that." 

Why run for president when you can become a reporter and debate the sitting commander-in-chief at the daily White House Coronaviru Task Force press briefings?

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