CNN Panel Says to Watch Out for Republican Racism in 2020

Posted: Dec 28, 2019 4:30 PM

CNN's Chris Cuomo assembled a panel featuring two unhinged leftists, Wajahat Ali and Nayyera Haq, to tell Cuomo's diminishing audience what to look out for in 2020. Two of the three panelists both warned viewers to be on the lookout for racist Republicans in the coming year. 

(Via Ryan Foley at MRCTV

CNN contributor Wajahat Ali predicted that "the death rattle of white supremacy" will be one of the biggest stories of 2020 before painting Trump's election as a result of white supremacy: "what we saw from 2016 with the election of Trump, every study has shown that the predominant factor for Trump voters was not economic anxiety but racial anxiety, which was exploited by Trump." Ali went on to predict that in 2020, America will see "the mainstreaming and further popularization of white supremacist conspiracy theories" that he argued began in 2018 with the claims of an "invasion" orchestrated by George Soros. Ali also accused "right-wing politicians and Fox News" of "mainstreaming" white supremacist conspiracy theories. Former State Department spokesperson Nayyera Haq warned CNN viewers to "be on the lookout" for voter suppression and accused Republicans in Florida and all across the country of orchestrating "poll taxes" and trying to put "restrictions on voting that frankly we haven't seen since the 1960s."

Racial anxiety is the perfect term to describe why Democrats imagine racism everywhere they look. These people are so intellectually lazy that they blame everything that happens in the world on one single cause: racism. This is why they get stories like the Covington Catholic schoolchildren completely wrong. 

Americans want border enforcement because they don't want our limited job market and welfare resources being exploited by the entire world. Americans are leary of progressive billionaire George Soros because he dumps millions into various radical leftwing organizations and causes. And Americans want integrity in our elections because they don't think people should be allowed to vote multiple times on election day and assume the identities of dead people in order to engage in voter fraud. 

But it's so much easier to dismiss everything as racist instead of analyzing the multiple factors behind any given issue. It would be like Republicans blaming every single thing on the Democrats' hatred of America. 

(Video via MRCTV)