Two Previously Deported Sex Offenders Caught Crossing the Border

Posted: Dec 13, 2019 2:05 PM
Two Previously Deported Sex Offenders Caught Crossing the Border

Source: Tucson Sector Border Patrol via AP

Border patrol agents at the Tucson Sector arrested two more convicted sex offenders who had previously been deported. Criminal aliens who have previously been deported continue to reenter the United States. If they make it to a sanctuary jurisdiction that doesn't cooperate with federal immigration authorities, the criminal aliens are protected from deportation and often go on to victimize members of the local community.  

On Tuesday, agents apprehended Juan Olarte-Cruz after he illegally entered the United States. It was determined that Olarte-Cruz had been convicted of second-degree rape of a minor in Nassau County, New York in 2008. Olarte-Cruz served three years in prison before being deported to Mexico in 2010. 

The next day, agents apprehended Alejandro Chavelo-Miranda after he illegally crossed the border near Arivaca, Arizona. Chavelo-Miranda was convicted of sexual assault in Oregon and served 14 months in jail before being deported back to Mexico in 2018. 

On Saturday Border patrol agents in the El Centro Sector in California apprehended a man identified as Efren Prado-Rodriguez who was previously deported after being convicted of second-degree sex abuse in Marion County, Oregon. 

Luckily, these sex offenders were apprehended before making it to the safety of a sanctuary jurisdiction. Sanctuary jurisdictions have repeatedly put violent criminal aliens back on the streets where they further victimize members of the community. 

Two MS-13 gang members who entered the country, one as an unaccompanied minor and another as part of a "family unit," were arrested on attempted murder charges and then subsequently released by Prince George's County Police Department. Following their release, the pair killed a 14-year-old girl and then dumped her body in a creek. 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has recently warned that two sanctuary counties in Maryland are preparing to release more violent criminal aliens whose charges include child abuse that resulted in the death of a child, rape and attempted murder. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) checks all individuals apprehended for criminal histories using biometrics to ensure that individuals are correctly identified. A statement by CBP notes that both Olarte-Cruz and Chavelo-Miranda are now facing federal prosecution for immigration violations.

It's important that our border patrol agents find these criminal aliens before the aliens can find our liberal politicians.