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Border Patrol Arrests Another Previously Deported Criminal

AP Photo/Eric Gay

Last week Townhall once again highlighted Border Patrol’s apprehension off previously deported, previously convicted sex offenders. This week a U.S. Customs and Border Protection press release details yet another example.


On Saturday, Border Patrol agents apprehended a man and discovered that he had a criminal history in the United States:

Agents conducted records checks, which revealed that the man was identified as Efren Prado-Rodriguez, a 38-year-old Mexican national, who was convicted of “Sex Abuse 2nd Degree” in 2006, out of Marion County, Oregon.  Prado was sentenced to 36 months’ probation. 

Prado was removed from the United States in 2006 as an aggravated felon.

“In fiscal year 2020, El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents have arrested and removed 10 individuals either convicted or wanted on sexual assault charges after they entered the United States illegally,” the press release states.

Not all of the individuals apprehended by authorities hail from Latin American nations. Some come from African nations:

Last week, Del Rio Station apprehended 56 migrants from countries on the continent of Africa, including Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congo, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.

Agents have apprehended approximately 300 immigrants from 11 countries in Africa during Fiscal Year 2020, which began Oct. 1. During FY 2019, Del Rio Sector agents apprehended a total of 1,211 subjects from the continent of Africa, representing 19 nations.

Authorities also found eleven Chinese people in a moving truck on Saturday.


“CBP officers searched the contents of the moving truck and discovered 11 Chinese nationals concealed within various pieces of furniture,” according to the press release. “CBP freed some of the Chinese nationals from a washing machine, chest and a dresser.”

A similar case occurred just a month prior to this: “One month ago on Nov. 7, CBP officers at the same port of entry found six Chinese nationals concealed in another moving truck, behind a false wall,” CBP said.

American citizens contribute to the problem as well: In both of these cases an American man was driving the vehicle containing the Chinese nationals.   


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