Is the Schiff Show Really Over?

Posted: Nov 21, 2019 10:30 PM
Is the Schiff Show Really Over?

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

So what's next? Is the Schiff show really over?

There are no scheduled hearings before the House Intelligence Committee, although transcripts of two closed-door testimonies, Diplomat Phillip Reeker and former White House budget official Mark Sandy, still haven't been released by House Democrats. If there was anything in those testimonies that would have helped drive public support for the impeachment, surely we would have heard it by now. 

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who was moved to the House Intelligence Committee to bring some sanity to the Schiff show, was asked by Fox News host Bret Baier what steps Rep. Jordan anticipated House Democrats taking next in their impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

"Who knows," Jordan answered. 

"They make up the rules as they go along -- they don't even follow those -- so I assume they send some kind of report to the Judiciary Committee, and then there'll be some kind of process, or let's hope it's some kind of due process there, but I have frankly no idea because this has changed throughout," Jordan continued. "They were already doing depositions, then they hold a vote which they couldn't even keep all their members in line for, so we'll just have to see what Pelosi and Schiff have in store for us next."

Rep. Jordan is also a member of the Judiciary Committee. Rep. Adam Schiff is expected to deliver a report to the Judiciary Committee from the three Committees overseeing the investigations in the impeachment inquiry. It will then be up to the Judiciary Committee, chaired by Jerry Nadler (D-NY), to decide what happens next. 

Baier asked Rep. Jordan if he sees an impeachment vote happening by the end of the year. 

Jordan said, "I do think that's the path they're on, but then again you never know with these guys... Again, as I said, the facts are on the president's side and the American people understand this process has been totally unfair."

A new Emerson poll recently found that support for the impeachment has declined since October, and the president's approval has increased during the same period. 

Perhaps Democrats are taking time to rethink their strategy. 

The House is in Thanksgiving recess until Dec. 3.