Impeachment Backfire: Poll Shows Support For Impeachment Down, Approval of the President Up

Posted: Nov 21, 2019 4:14 PM

A new Emerson poll finds support for the impeachment has fallen by 5 percent since October. It appears that impeaching President Trump was only popular back when no one knew what the Democrats were so hysterical about. But now that Americans are beginning to see what a giant nothingburger the Democrats have cooked up, support for the president's impeachment has started to fall. 

Similarly, the more people learn about Trump's handling of foreign aid to Ukraine, the more people approve of the president's job performance. The same poll finds that Trump's approval rating now stands at 48 percent, up 5 points since October. 

Finally a president concerned about giving a corrupt regime billions of dollars in taxpayer money. Americans also have to be sickened by the testimonies of unelected, career diplomats who seem to think they're in charge of dictating foreign policy and not the duly elected president. 

At the beginning of the month, a poll of Americans found that 58 percent of respondents thought Hunter Biden's role on the board of Burisma was the result of "bad judgement" and another 27 percent thought it was illegal. It'd be nice to get an update on that poll, or a poll on how many Americans support investigating the Biden's apparent corruption in Ukraine.

The new Emerson poll has even more good news for Trump. Support for the president in the Republican primary race increased to 93%, and his head-to-head matchups against top Democratic candidates have tightened in the president's favor.

Imagine the support the president would have if House Republicans had been allowed to call witnesses.

I wonder what those Democratic congressmen, who won in 2018 in states carried by President Trump, must be thinking now?