Um, Did CNN Mean To Hire This Conservative?

Posted: Oct 20, 2019 2:20 PM
Um, Did CNN Mean To Hire This Conservative?

Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

CNN announced on Sunday that former Rep. Sean Duffy has joined the network as a policy analyst. The soon-to-be father of nine left Congress on September 23rd to spend more time with his family.  

In Congress, Duffy was a strong defender of the President and his policies. It will be interesting to see how the network handles having an articulate, conservative spokesperson on its airways. My guess? Not well. 

Meanwhile, Project Veritas continues to release undercover videos exposing the liberal bias of CNN's reporting and the anti-Trump agenda of the network's president, Jeff Zucker. 

Duffy announced in late August that he would be resigning his congressional seat to spend more time with his family. In a Facebook post, Duffy revealed that his ninth child, due in late October, will need more of the former congressman's "time, and attention due to complications, including a heart condition."

"On September 23, I will step down and allow others to step forward to begin laying out their own vision and plans for leading this beautiful district and the most honest, hard-working, family-oriented, patriotic, and God-fearing constituents in America."

Not that many people watch CNN, but maybe Sean Duffy can straighten the record for the few viewers still watching.