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CNN Won't Comment On Project Veritas

AP Photo/Ron Harris

CNN is in denial about its Trump Derangement Syndrome. All week long, James O'Keefe and the team at Project Veritas have been exposing the network's anti-Trump agenda.


O'Keefe tweeted "14,300,000+ views in the last 7 days and still no comment from @CNN."

An undercover whistleblower recorded several interactions with CNN employees and a conference call featuring CNN president Jeff Zucker. In the recordings, Zucker can be heard directing the network's employees to keep their focus on the president's impeachment. Project Veritas says another tape about the network will be coming shortly. 


On Wednesday, Trump's campaign attorney Charles Harder sent a letter to CNN announcing the Trump campaign's intention to sue CNN for damages, citing the findings of the Project Veritas tape as proof of CNN's unfair treatment of the president.

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