Internet Provider Decided Customers Shouldn't Have Access to Facebook, Twitter

Posted: Jan 11, 2021 11:15 PM
Internet Provider Decided Customers Shouldn't Have Access to Facebook, Twitter

Source: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File

Now that President Donald Trump has been permanently banned from Facebook and Twitter, an internet provider in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho-Spokane, Washington area is blocking access to the social media platforms.

Your T1 WIFI sent an email to customers making them aware of a policy change. They are blocking Facebook and Twitter access to all customers because Trump was removed from the social media websites.

"It has Come to our Attention that Twitter and Facebook are engaged in Censorship of our Customers and Information," the company told customers in an email.

If a customer wants to have access to Facebook, Twitter or any other website the company deems as "censorship," the customer has to call and ask to have access.

"There are too many people that have called us to do one at a time so we will be blocking these 2 and any other website that may also be Censoring whether it be through their algorithm they use for their site or any other means," the email stated. "So we have a solution if you or your family would still like to be able to connect to Facebook or Twitter please let us know and we can add you to the allowed list to be able to not be blocked from going to these sites and the ones that do want to be blocked will have to do nothing the will just not show up."

A customer by the name of Krista Yep followed up with the company about the maneuver. According the email posted on Twitter, two-thirds of Your T1 WIFI's customer base wanted the websites blocked. 

According to a second email, the company believes they can make the change because of an "acceptable use policy"

"Per our contract and [sic] Acceptable use policy we can block anything we want if we deem it to break any rules or illegal or harmful to our customers and more..." the email stated. 

According to KREM-TV, this decision could violate Washington State's Net Neutrality law, which states:

A person engaged in the provision of broadband internet access service in Washington state, insofar as the person is so engaged, may not:
(a) Block lawful content, applications, services, or nonharmful devices, subject to reasonable network management;
(b) Impair or degrade lawful internet traffic on the basis of internet content, application, or service, or use of a nonharmful device, subject to reasonable network management; or
(c) Engage in paid prioritization

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is investigating the matter.

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