Biden Campaign Sends Another Pathetic Fundraising Email

Posted: Oct 17, 2020 12:00 PM
Biden Campaign Sends Another Pathetic Fundraising Email

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

With a little more than two weeks until Election Day, candidates are retching up their fundraising efforts in hopes of making it across the finish line. While former Vice President Joe Biden is being asked about the New York Post story about Hunter Biden's shady dealings in Ukraine, the campaign is focused on raising money. It's likely that their fundraising efforts will be used to hit back at the "attacks" being waged against the former veep.

Here's the latest fundraising email the Biden campaign sent Saturday morning:


I don’t have to tell you that this election is different from any that we’ve ever seen before. We live in uncertain times, and lots of folks out there are struggling. So especially right now, I hate asking for money. But I need to.

There are only 17 days until election day, and everything comes down to what we do between now and then. So while I know you’ve got more on your mind than donating to a political campaign, if you’re able to give, I would greatly appreciate your support right now.

I won’t ask you to chip in if you can’t spare it. And I know that you can’t donate every time I or the campaign ask you to. But, if you can afford to, will you please chip in on behalf of those who want to donate but can’t?

As we get closer and closer to election day, I’m humbled by how many grassroots supporters I see doing their part to help build this campaign.

Supporters like you are getting more and more involved; you’re reaching folks who don’t usually participate in politics and convincing them to get off the sidelines, and you’re giving strength and support to our hardworking volunteers and staff across the country. It’s an amazing thing.

So while I really dislike asking for money, I’ll never deny that your financial support is what makes all of this possible. You fund the ads our team needs to counter Trump’s lies and tell the truth about my record and vision. You support our organizers in the field. Our entire campaign is counting on our grassroots donors to help us with the resources we need for the final stretch.

So, are you able to pitch in today? Any amount will help us get across the finish line. I can promise you that I will be forever grateful that you joined my team of grassroots donors today

I know times are tough. I also know that we can get through it, together.

Thank you for being a part of this team,

Joseph R. Biden Jr.

This is probably the most begging I've ever seen come from a campaign. Biden knows things are getting close and the NY Post story about his family's corruption in Ukraine and China is likely to cause great damage at the ballot box.