Trump Reveals the One Scenario That Would Result In Police Departments Being Abolished

Posted: Jun 17, 2020 11:15 PM
Trump Reveals the One Scenario That Would Result In Police Departments Being Abolished

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

In multiple interviews Wednesday evening, President Donald Trump talked about the Democrats' pushing the "Defund the Police" movement, which he believes is really about abolishing law enforcement in its entirety.

According to the president, the administration took a major step when he signed his executive order on Tuesday. Under the EO, a national database is established to track officers who have been found guilty of using excessive force. The database will keep officers from being fired from one agency and immediately bouncing to another. De-escalation training will be implemented and chokeholds are banned unless an officer's life is in danger.

"We took the first step, just like we did with criminal justice reform, which we called the First Step, but we took that early move. Let's see what happens with the Democrats," he told a reporter. "They want to have– they want to defund. They literally want to defund our police and, frankly, they want to abolish our police if we weren't here. If we weren't here to watch it, you would have no police. I don't know what system they use. I think they'd have all social workers or something but it is crazy."

Trump asked who Americans would call if someone broke into their house and they needed reinforcement. If the police were abolished, no one would be there to answer that call.

"We want to have very strong police. I want law and order. I'm about law and order," the president explained. 

Trump reiterated his position during an interview with Sean Hannity, saying if former Vice President Joe Biden became president that police departments would be a thing of the past.

"All the Democrats do is complain. They complain but they've done nothing, do nothing. They want to defund and abolish. They want to abolish police departments and that's what it's going to be, you know, with Biden," Trump explained. "If he ever got in it would be abolishing police. You could just watch because he's not going to be running anything. People around him will and they will be abolishing police and getting rid of your Second Amendment very quickly. You will not have a Second Amendment and many other things you like you won't have 

The Democrats make it sound like it's Republicans and law enforcement versus Democrats and Black Lives Matter protestors. The truth is the Democrats have done nothing to help this situation. In fact, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) slammed Sen. Dick Durban (D-IL) for referring to the JUSTICE Act as "token legislation." The Democrats are quick to claim the BLM movement as theirs, as BLM supporters as their party loyalists, but what have they actually done to make things matter? Remember: criminal justice reform was automatically assumed to be one of the Democrats' winning issues. Did anyone from their party ever do anything get criminal justice reform done? No. President Trump did. A Republican did. It's why Van Jones gave Trump kudos. 

This issue shouldn't be so polarizing. You can support law enforcement and law and order while still wanting to make sure Americans of all races and religions are protected. This issue shouldn't be partisan.