Harrison Ford: It's Time for Americans to Start Talking Politics Again

Posted: Feb 18, 2020 9:00 PM
Harrison Ford: It's Time for Americans to Start Talking Politics Again

Source: Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File

Whenever holidays roll around or family functions occur, what are the two rules? No one is allowed to talk about politics and religion. The goal with these rules is always the same: to prevent people from fighting or hurting feelings. What started out as something with good intentions has created a society of people who continually walk on eggshells, afraid of offending others. We don't know how to deal with each other's differences so we simply don't talk about them and act as though they don't exist. After all, ignorance is bliss, right?

During an interview with CBS News actor Harrison Ford said Americans need to start being more open to talking about politics.

Ford has spent a great deal of time trying to convince businesses and various government agencies to get involved in the climate change debate.

"You've spent a lotta time working with big business on trying to get their focus," interviewer Lee Cowan said.

"Yes – businesses, NGOs, municipalities, state governments have all stepped into the gap," Ford explained. "I'm now seeing that I think we're coming close to being able to really commit the resources and energy to confronting the issue, because it's taken up on the highest level of politics. It's taken up on the streets by young people."

Ford sees the so-called climate change crisis as a "bottom-line crisis."

Although the Star Wars actor hates doing interviews, he understands the importance of promoting his recent work, like his new film, "Call of the Wild." He said he hopes to utilize his celebrity status to encourage people to talk to each other again.

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"You're a good Midwesterner; you don't really talk politics or religion much, but that's changed a wee bit?" Cowan asked.

"I think it's come to the point where we gotta start talking politics," Ford explained. "But we gotta talk about it in a positive way. We gotta regain the middle ground. We're in these ideological enclaves. But the truth is in the middle. Progress is made in the middle."

"And you think we can get back there somehow?" Cowan asked

"We damn well better," the actor replied.