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AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File

In the midst of the impeachment saga that is currently plaguing Congress, Hunter Biden finds himself in the middle of a drawn out court battle with his baby's mother, Luden Roberts. The two met at Mpire Gentlemen's Club in Washington, D.C., where Roberts worked and Biden frequented. A DNA test recently confirmed that Biden is indeed the father, despite his repeated denials.


Roberts has, understandably, gone after Biden for child support, health care and legal fees. At the end of November, Biden filed a motion in the Arkansas Circuit Court of Independence for a protective order to shield his financial records from being made public. His attorneys argued that his financial records could be used "in an inappropriate or malicious manner for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with these proceeding."

The judge in the case, Don McSpadden, ordered both Roberts and Biden to hand over five years worth of financial records as a means of determining how much child support Biden has to cough up. What makes this interesting: McSpadden's order would force Biden to reveal his position at Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company that hired Biden to sit on its board of directors despite having no natural energy experience. He would also have to reveal just how much money he was paid. We know the figure sits at $50,000 to $83,000 a month. 

Roberts has also demanded that Biden admit he sat on the board of Burisma and received a monthly paycheck from the company and that "he 'or an entity owned, controlled or under your direction or supervision' received money from a Chinese person or entity for foreign and domestic investment purposes."


Early in December McSpadden decided to seal Biden's financial records, meaning the American people will not know the exact amount of money he made off his father's political career... at least for now.

Biden has repeatedly said he cannot afford to pay child support because he has been unemployed since May 2019 and has incurred major debt from a divorce with his ex-wife, Kathleen Biden. But it was recently revealed that he purchased a $2.5 million dollar house in Beverly Hills, California in mid-June, although how much he paid for it is currently unknown.

The case took a wild turn when McSpadden suddenly recused himself from the case Tuesday morning, although it is unclear why, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported. During the Tuesday court meeting, Roberts' attorneys pressed McSpadden to hold Biden in contempt of court for failing to produce his financial documents. 

One of Roberts' attorneys, Clinton Lancaster, applauded the judge's decision.

"One of the clearest indicators of a judge’s integrity is when he or she recuses from a case,” Clinton said. "It highlights the ethos and values that make the judiciary such a powerful, separate branch of government. Our client sincerely thanks Judge McSpadden for his time and attention to what has become a difficult and convoluted child support matter."


The next scheduled hearing with McSpadden was scheduled for Tuesday, January 7th, although that court date is expected to be pushed back.       

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