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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Fox News' Tucker Carlson on Wednesday praised Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for being the youngest member of Congress and, in some ways, one of the most powerful politicians in Washington. Her youth, in combination with her progressive ideals, have made her popular amongst Millennials. 

"She’s impressive in a lot of ways. Even if you disagree with her, you have to admit that. She is legitimately tough for one thing, a prerequisite for politics and life. And she's the only Democrat in the House who is totally unintimidated by Nancy Pelosi," the Fox News host said. "Unlike most members of Congress, Ocasio-Cortez actually believes what she says."

"She is an independent spirit, one of the very few in Washington. It is easy to see why young people listen to her. And the end, that is the problem with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez," Carlson explained. "And her economic views get the attention, yes a wild bad left winger that’s pushing socialism on the country. It might be stupid and wrong, we think they are but still undeniably ideas. You can debate them. We often do. The problem is the rest of what she says."

While she has made the Green New Deal one of the Democrats' main focus and hav, Carlson said there's a side to the freshman Congresswoman that many don't often get to see, and it's a dark side rooted in bigotry.

"There is a darker side to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and it has nothing to do with the Green New Deal. She is unapologetically a bigot, someone who attacks others for how they were born," he explained. "There is nothing legitimate about that. You can’t debate bigotry, it is pure poison. It is terrifying to think that someone who spews open racism has become a role model for the young people, but that is exactly what is happening."

Carlson reminded the audience that during her campaign for Congress, Ocasio-Cortez said incumbent Joe Crowley (D) didn't deserve to be in Congress because he is white. 

"By Election Day the opponent was literally apologizing for his own skin color," he said. When Crowley said AOC was playing the race card, she didn't deny it. In fact, she confirmed that the election was about race. And that's what's wrong with the entire ordeal.

"Not so long ago a campaign like that would have been considered deeply immoral. The press would have hounded Ocasio-Cortez until she apologized or dropped out but not anymore. The ruling class no longer recognizes universal standards of any kind," Carlson said. "Racism, they've decided cuts only one way so they ignored Ocasio-Cortez's race baiting and she got elected. Over time, like any untreated virus, her bigotry grew more inflamed."

Just last week during a hearing, AOC blamed white people for creating the greatest number of green house admissions that impact climate change. According to the freshman Congresswoman, people of color in South America are "bearing the front of the initial havoc of climate change." 

Carlson made the argument that people's standards have changed and what's considered shocking has changed.

"Standards have changed so much, it is hard to say something generally shocking in this country anymore, but that qualifies. For all the hysteria that you hear about how the president is a racist, Donald Trump has never said anything close to that, nothing close to his bigoted and vicious as that," he said. "The people wrecking the world are all one race? Who talks like that? In fact, it’s hard to think of anyone in American life saying anything that disgusting and foolish and dangerous. If so, exactly what would it be? And yet, here is the amazing part: Nobody seemed to even noticed Ocasio-Cortez said that in the middle of a congressional hearing. The rulers acted like it was totally normal because to them it is normal. This is an ominous development for the country."

Carlson brought up a great point: we need to quit dividing our nation based on race. We need to focus on what unites us. Pointing fingers every which way doesn't solve anything. It further divides us and makes it impossible for us to find solutions to problems.

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