WATCH: CNN Reporter Repeatedly Baits Justice Gorsuch To Bash Trump. But He Wasn't Having It.

Posted: Sep 11, 2019 9:55 PM
WATCH: CNN Reporter Repeatedly Baits Justice Gorsuch To Bash Trump. But He Wasn't Having It.

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

When CNN continually ponders about their ratings and seems so shocked that average Americans are tired of their so-called "news coverage," remind yourself of this very instant. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch sat down with CNN's Ariane de Vogue to discuss his new book, "A Republic, If You Can Keep It." During the interview, de Vogue repeatedly attempted to pigeonhole Gorsuch into a hole so he would bash President Donald Trump. Because, you know, ratings.

"Last fall, Chief Justice John Roberts issued a very rare statement because the president of the President of the United States was attacking judges. And the president doubled-down afterwords, and said, 'Sorry Chief Justice John Roberts, but you do indeed have 'Obama judges,' and they have a much different point of view than the people who are charged with the safety of our country.' Do the attacks on those judges threaten the rule of law?" de Vogue asked. 

"What I say to that is, the rule of law in this country is strong, strong and stable. And we are very fortunate. We shouldn't forget how fortunate we are. And we shouldn't forget how fortunate we are. We should take care with what we have. It's a great inheritance," Gorsuch refuted. "And I would say to anybody who questions what a wonderful inheritance we have in our courts and the rule of law in this country: Go spend six weeks in a court in another country – of your choice – and come back and tell me what you think about our courts in this country."

But de Vogue wasn't going to give up so easily. 

"And what would you say to somebody who attacks judges," de Vogue asked again, clearly referencing her previous quote. "And also, what does that do for the safety of judges? It's very important, I think, and you're talking in this book about the separation of powers and people staying in their own lane. But I think that these attacks are important. Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently said they're age-old, that judges can't defend themselves."

Gorsuch smirked and went back to his original point: about the role judges have in our nation.

"Well, I think I'm doing a pretty good job of it now with you in explaining, I hope, the role of law, the role of judges in our country, and why I think we have something very special that we forget, at our risk," Gorsuch continued. "Is it easy to take for granted? Is it easy to forget what a gift we have? Of course it is. I hear young people, for example, say, 'I'm a citizen of the world. I don't need to worry about these things."

And, again, de Vogue wasn't going to back down.

"But you're not touching on the attacks. You don't want to touch on that," she replied.

"Well, I'm answering you as best as I can, consistent with my judicial role as I understand it, alright?" Gorsuch explained. "And my answer to you is when you say, 'I don't care about judges or the Constitution or the rule of law in this country, and 'I'm a citizen of the world' or whatever answer you have, if you're telling me 'I carry about the dignity of each person,' I say wonderful. I'm with you. If you're telling me you don't care about the Constitution, the separation of powers, the independence of the judiciary, then I say you're missing something very vital."

Gorsuch's book focuses on the Constitution and the separation of powers. What de Vogue was asking about literally had nothing to do with the context of the book. And it's rather obvious that she was irritated that Gorsuch wouldn't give her a 30-second Trump-bashing clip.

And this, folks, is why CNN's ratings are in the toilet. Because average Americans are tired of watching so-called "impartial journalists" asking these dumb questions.