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WATCH: Buttigieg Attempts To Explain How Voting For Trump Means Ignoring Racism

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

During Saturday morning's "State of the Union" on CNN, host Jake Tapper asked 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg about President Donald Trump's so-called "racism."


"Do you think it's a racist act to cast a vote for President Trump in 2020?" Tapper asked.

"At best it means looking the other way on racism," Buttigieg replied. "You look at what he said in that rally. You got no choice but to vote for him. And if you look at the numbers, basically what he's saying is, 'Alright. I want you to look the other way on the race issue, tolerate the negativity, accept the instability of my administration because I'm going to deliver, for you, job growth almost as good as the Obama years.' That's what his argument amounts to right now and it's part of the reason why he's unpopular."

Democrats like Buttigieg need to get off their high horse. Americans are tired of Democrats acting like they're morally superior to conservatives. We're tired of being told that having conservative values somehow conflates us with Hitler and the Nazis.

They also need to realize there's a difference between "white supremacy" and "nationalism." 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a patriotic person who loves this country. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to protect our Constitution, Bill of Rights and everything America stands for. 


There is absolutely nothing wrong with being white. There's no need to apologize for being what you are. It's not like any of us had a say in what our skin color is or where our family originated from. Yet Democrats are quick to condemn those of us who are white. And if you're a white person who loves America then – gasp – you have to be a white nationalist who wants to keep minorities oppressed.

Democrats make all of these assumptions without knowing what conservatives value or why we value them. 

The reality is simple: if someone decides to vote for President Trump next year, it's not because they're "turning a blind eye" to Trump's so-called "racism." It means they're choosing a president who wants the American people to be able to make decisions for themselves. It means they're choosing a president who has improved our economy. It means they're choosing a president who has taken on the establishment and kept campaign promises.

Buttigieg, you need a reality check. And you'll be getting it next November when President Trump is re-elected.

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