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WATCH: PA State Rep's Pathetic 'Apology' Over Wanting To Dox Pro-Life Teens

Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims harassed an elderly woman and multiple pro-life teenagers for praying for women seeking abortion outside of Planned Parenthood. He even attempted to dox the three teenagers, offering $100 in order to obtain their identities and addresses. 


After conservatives pounced on Sims for his disgusting tactics, he took to Periscope, yet again, but this time to semi-kind-of "apologize." 

Except he didn't really offer an apology at all. All he did was make an excuse for his behavior and say he didn't mean to embarrass Planned Parenthood:

And, once again, Conservative Twitter called him out for not even having the ability to say, "I'm sorry."


People are (rightfully) upset with Sims. But the girls' father decided to see the light in this darkness. He established a GoFundMe account to raise money for the pro-life organization Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia.

Not only that but people are demanding for Sims to resign, although it's highly unlikely. 


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