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Disgusting: PA State Lawmaker Offers To Pay $100 To Anyone Who Can Help Him Dox Pro-Life Teens

Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims spends his free time harassing elderly women and teenagers who try and help women who are wanting to go through with an abortion. Instead of allowing these pro-life advocates to stand outside Planned Parenthood and talk with women entering the facility, Sims decided to film himself harassing and shaming them.


Even though it appears things couldn't get any worse than when he follows an elderly woman and encourages viewers to donate a $100 to Planned Parenthood for every hour she stood out there, he turned the notch up a bit. He was despicable and decided to offer $100 to anyone who could provide the names and addresses of the three teenagers who were outside the Planned Parenthood facility.

One. Hundred. Dollars.

Are you kidding me? 

These are the type of tactics the Left has resorted to. They're okay with harassing and stalking people, including minors, as long as it fits their agenda.

If the Right did something like that, people would be up in arms. The Left would be unhinged. But because it's teenagers standing up for the unborn this idiot will get a pass.


Conservative writer Matt Walsh asked other pro-lifers to organize a giant rally at this location:

Life News also started a petition calling on Sims to resign:

Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims repeatedly bullied the pro-life woman in an unhinged rant as she stood alone outside a Planned Parenthood in his district in southeastern Pennsylvania.Sims called the woman a “racist” and her sidewalk counseling “grotesque.”

He followed her around, hurtling insults at her; and at one point, he got in her face with his camera and ignored her requests to leave her alone.

Sims also doxxed the pro-life woman, subjecting her to potential violence.

The videotaping and harassment is shameful, potentially illegal, and is conduct unbecoming a member of the state legislature. Sims should resign immediately.

We call on Representative Brian Sims to resign immediately after this shameful harassment and bullying of a pro-life woman. If he does not resign, the Pennsylvania state legislature should censure him and take whatever other disciplinary measure that are appropriate.


The ball is in your court, Sims. What're you going to do? 

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