PA State Rep Thought He Was Clever For Trying To Dox Pro-Life Teens. Bet He Didn't Expect This.

Posted: May 07, 2019 5:50 PM

Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims spends his free time harassing elderly women and teenagers who try and help women who are wanting to go through with an abortion. He offered $100 to anyone who could tell him the names and addresses of the teens outside of a Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania. Conservatives quickly condemned Sims' disgusting tactics. 

But it is the two teenagers' father, Joe Garechet, who is the good guy in this situation. He decided to use this opportunity to fundraise for the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia. The goal? To raise $100,000 for the pro-life movement.

Here's the fundraiser (in Garecht's own words):

State Rep. Brian Sims tried to Harass and Dox my Daughters.  He Offered $100.  Let's Donate $100,000 to the Pro-Life Movement Instead.

On Holy Thursday (April 18, 2019) my wife, two teenage daughters, and their friend were peacefully praying outside of a Planned Parenthood in Center City Philadelphia when a man started yelling at them... after ranting at them for several minutes, he left, and returned with his cell phone to record the above video.

It turns out that the man is an elected official.  Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims.  In his video, later posted on Twitter, Rep. Sims not only attempts to shame them for praying for the unborn babies facing abortion, but offers viewers $100 if they will identify the teen girls in the video.

It's bad enough that a grown man would be trying to dox three teenage girls.  It's even worse that he is an elected official.  I've got two responses to these despicable actions by "Representative" Sims:

First, Brian, if you have a problem with my wife and daughters praying outside of an abortion clinic, I'm the one you can talk to... instead of harassing teenage girls.

It seems like you like to pick on women, teenagers, and senior citizens (see him harass a senior citizen who was praying by clicking here ).  That's shameful, and unacceptable.

Second, I have a challenge for the pro-life community.  Rep. Sims offered $100 to anyone who would identify these teenage girls for him.  Instead of $100, let's join together to donate $100,000 to the pro-life movement.

Please join me in making a donation today.  100% of your donations will go to the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia, which:

*Hosts prayer vigils and outreach campaigns outside Philadelphia's abortion clinics (like the one in this video)

*Provides thousands of diapers, wipes, articles of clothing for babies, and resources to mothers in need

*Operates a home caring for pregnant mothers

*And so much more...

The money you donate goes directly into the Pro-Life Union's account - none of it comes to / through me.  You can learn more about this important grassroots organization at 

Please join me in showing Rep. Brian Sims the power of the pro-life movement.  Let's donate $100,000 to the pro-life cause today!

At the time of this writing, $7,770 has been raised. It's time for the pro-life movement to come together and support these amazing teenagers who are doing phenomenal work!