Good Idea

Posted: Jan 28, 2009 8:47 AM
Doug Lambert over at GranitGrok has an interesting job creation idea.

He writes:

With all the talk of bailouts and stimulus packages necessary to preserve jobs, you'd think that when an opportunity arises for the Magic Obama to save some 90,000 jobs-- without going the bailout/stimulus route-- he would jump all over it. Indeed, the funds are already approved, simply awaiting the President's approval. Perhaps if they were so-called "green" jobs, or maybe in the abortion field it would already be a done deal, but instead, they are within the (gasp!) vital US national defense industry. From the website

Production of the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft, the F-22 Raptor, is in jeopardy. Your help is needed to urge the Obama Administration to save more than 95,000 American jobs and more than $12 billion in national economic activity. Keeping the production line of this model aerospace program open is not another bailout; rather, it simply requires that the new administration release funds already authorized by Congress to continue a successful program. By law, President-elect Obama must decide whether to continue the Raptor program during his first weeks in office.