ACORN Mimics Obama's Thugocracy

Posted: Oct 16, 2008 2:30 PM
Taking a cue from their favorite presidential candidate ACORN has launched a website to "fight the smears."

Just like Obama's "Fight the Smears" disinformation site, ACORN is urging their supporters not to "let the Right Wing Noise Machine Get Away With It."

They want ACORN supporters to petition media to cover ACORN more favorably, just like Obama's site told their minions to flood talk radio with complaints when they allowed conservative authors on the air to discuss their anti-Obama books.

They are specifically targeting CNN's Lou Dobbs and Drew Griffin. Their petition tells them they must  "Report the story for what it really is: that 1.3 million new voters from backgrounds that terrify you will show up at the polls in November."

Other information on their fight the smear site states "ACORN, the voice of low- and moderate-income families, is under attack from right-wing operatives hoping to stop the 1.3 million low-income, of color, and young voters we helped register from voting. They are being helped by ethically-challenged reporters like Lou Dobbs and Drew Griffin from CNN. ACORN needs your help to fight back against these smears and help ensure that all of our voters can vote on Election Day."