Live Blogging Cindy McCain

Posted: Sep 04, 2008 9:35 PM
Nice video, I thought hers was better than Sarah Palin's.

Opening: Love the blue skirt suit and that's she's wearing her hair down. Softens her up, sort of Meg Ryan-y. And no podium, watch out.

9:37: Duty is going to the her theme.
9:39: "Tonight is about renewing our commitment  to one another, it's not about us. It's about our special and exceptional country" and "We give way to no one and no other party" in the cause for freedom. Some guy is holding up his computer camera from the convention floor, taping Cindy McCain. Weird.
9:42: People are holding signs that say "I love Cindy." There must be like 5 or 6 different signs for McCain, McCain-Palin, Cindy, Pawlenty and other speakers/causes under every seats. Or maybe different delegations have different signs. There's just a lot of different signs.
9:43 I'm writing about signs because this speech is dry. I admit it. TV shows a woman in the audience rubbing her eyes.
9:44 Gives a shout-out to Sarah Palin. Her banana clip beehive do is back. Peanut gallery wonders if Cindy will get a roaring applause line for anything other than Sarah Palin.
9:47. I'm wrong. She's lauding her husband as a "hero in Vietnam." That works. Good stuff. Says her son Jack will graduate from the Naval School this fall "ready to do his service" and her other son "served honorable in Iraq." I'm so happy she's talking about being a military mom. My mom is one, too. It's tough.
9:48: Describes her father as "a true Western gentleman" with a "can-do spirit" whose "handshake was his solemn oath."
9:50: Talks about adopting and going abroad to do charity work. Introduces her friend Ernestine who suffered tragedy in Rwanda. Says she doesn't seek retribution, but love. Says "you are my hero."

End her speech with a "recommendation" that Americans vote for McCain in the fall. Overall, I'd say her speech was fine, but bland. Sort of like the previous speakers.

Any chance the McCain people are lowering expectations...?

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