Saddleback Showdown Time!

Posted: Aug 16, 2008 7:39 PM
As you probably know, Barack Obama and John McCain will be convening at Rick Warren's church tonight for a forum on faith and politics.

Before it begins and I start live blogging, I'd like to offer this piece of essential reading. It's a Chicago Tribune story about McCain leading a POW riot against his captors in order to hold a Sunday church service. 

A friend also tells me he'd LOVE to see Warren ask Obama why he voted against a bill to protect infants born alive during abortion as a Illinois state senator.

I don't expect Pastor Warren to ask any of these, but it would be really great if someone would sometime before November 4th.

Stay tuned, I'll be here keeping tabs on the festivities. Would love to have you guys leave your thoughts in the comments if you're watching, too!