Conservative Groups Issue a Strong Warning Against Confirming Tanden to OMB

Posted: Feb 12, 2021 12:00 PM
Conservative Groups Issue a Strong Warning Against Confirming Tanden to OMB

Source: AP Photo/Cliff Owen

President Biden’s controversial nominee to lead the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Neera Tanden, is currently under consideration by the Senate. Though Biden’s nominees thus far have been confirmed with bipartisan support, Tanden is by far the president’s most partisan nominee.

Tanden’s nomination is haunted by a host of despicable past comments about Republican lawmakers, which have since been deleted from Twitter. GOP Senators warned that her nomination could be “the worst” at the time that Biden made his selection. 

Aside from her history of attacking ideological opponents, a host of conservative groups issued a warning against Tanden’s policy preferences. Leaders from Heritage Action, Club for Growth, March for Life Action, American Conservative Union, and FreedomWorks said that Tanden’s agenda will damage the country’s “fiscal, economic, moral, and social well-being.”

"Our organizations are each issuing key vote alerts against Senate confirmation of the nomination of Neera Tanden to be Director of the Office of Management and Budget,” the group leaders said in a joint statement. “The policies supported by Tanden will undoubtedly damage America’s fiscal, economic, moral, and social well-being. We call on all Senators to reject Senate confirmation of this divisive nominee."

OMB holds significant influence over policymaking. The Senate Budget committee continues to evaluate Tanden’s nomination as Republican lawmakers warn of her past statements.