CNN's Van Jones: This Election Was A 'Whitelash'

Matt Vespa
Posted: Nov 09, 2016 12:49 AM
CNN's Van Jones: This Election Was A 'Whitelash'

The New York Times now projects that Donald Trump has a 95 percent chance of winning the presidency. Liberals are in full meltdown. Clinton headquarters is devolving into depression. And Donald Trump has won Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and could take Pennsylvania and Michigan before this night is out. The Democratic blue wall is crashing down. Yet, on CNN, leave it to contributor Van Jones to throw the first racial commentary of the post-2016 election. This election was a “whitelash.”

Yeah, feel free to believe that drivel. As my colleague Ed Morrissey commented, this electorate was a mirror image of the 2012 electorate that kept Obama in the White House. Van, it could be possible that your candidate just sucked.