CNN Exit Poll: No Black Or Latino Voter Surge, 2016 Electorate Pretty Much The Same As 2012

Posted: Nov 08, 2016 5:55 PM

Despite Democrats hammering Donald Trump’s rhetoric on immigration and immigrants, the early CNN exit polls have this 2016 electorate as 70 percent white, 12 percent African-American, 11 percent Hispanic and 4 percent Asian. In 2012, whites made up 72 percent of the electorate, 13 percent African-American, 10 percent Hispanic and 3 percent Asian. It’s not much different. There’s no black or Hispanic surge, but remember, Romney lost in 2012 with this demographic.

Yet, the thing to watch is how Trump does with white working class whites, some of which sat out in 2012. In an election where the electorate is 70 percent majority white, a couple million voters who show up this year who sat out the previous election could make things interesting. And for Trump, he’s doing much better with these voters.

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