Another Palestinian Knife Attack Foiled In Israel

Matt Vespa
Posted: Oct 27, 2015 7:40 PM
Another Palestinian Knife Attack Foiled In Israel

The bad news is that Palestinians are still trying to attack innocent Israelis. The good news is that it appears as if Israeli security forces are getting better at detecting and stopping would-be attackers. This morning a possible attack by two Palestinian women were stopped at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. The two women refused to be searched at the entrance, where two knifes were later discovered. They are subsequently arrested.

Over the weekend, Israeli Border Police stopped another Palestinian woman she tried to stab the officers. She was shot and killed. The Jerusalem Post  reported that the woman “aroused the suspicion” of the police, who asked for her identification. She then pulled out her knife.

Today, two Palestinian teenagers were arrested in Jerusalem after their suspicious activity was caught by an Israeli police officer. From a distance, he asked for identification and found both men were armed with an axe and knife:

A stabbing attack was averted Tuesday, the Israel Police said, thanks to an alert police officer who noticed two suspicious-looking youths in Jerusalem.

According to the police, a Jerusalem District Police officer was on his way to work Tuesday morning when two suspicious-looking teens caught his attention near Tsahal Square, which is by the Old City of Jerusalem. The policeman watched the two as they observed passers-by, "probably in an attempt to track Jews," according to the police district's spokesperson. The policeman then approached the two and questioned them, while keeping a safe distance, and found they were carrying a bag with an axe and Stanly knife inside, the spokesman said.

The suspects are Palestinian teens aged about 16 or 17, from the A-Tur neighborhood of East Jerusalem, the police said, adding that they were arrested and taken in for questioning.

Israel has loosened its firearm permitting process in the wake of the escalating violence. PJ Media noted that Israel’s internal security ministry’s phone lines “collapsed” from the influx of calls inquiring about obtaining a permit. Also, mothers, along with their children, have enrolled in self-defense classes, specifically how to neutralize an attacker with a knife. They’re also arming themselves with whatever they can find.