WaPo Tasks More Than Two Dozen Reporters, Researchers With 'Revealing' Trump in New Book

Posted: Apr 12, 2016 8:05 AM
WaPo Tasks More Than Two Dozen Reporters, Researchers With 'Revealing' Trump in New Book

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has defied conventional wisdom on a number of levels this election cycle and is a “presidential candidate unlike and we’ve ever seen before,” the Washington Post’s executive editor Martin Baron noted. That’s why the paper has tasked more than two dozen of its reporters and researchers with 'revealing' the presidential candidate in a “comprehensive” new book.

Investigative reporter Michael Kranish and senior editor Marc Fisher will coauthor the book, titled “Trump Revealed,” which is being directed by Baron, who as editor in chief of The Boston Globe helped the paper win a Pulitzer Prize by uncovering sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests in the Boston archdiocese.

The book on Trump will be published regardless of whether or not he becomes the Republican nominee.

Trump's unexpected success so far in the Republican race and the possibility of Democrat Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman president will likely inspire many campaign books, although publishers have hesitated to commit before the parties have picked their candidates. The Republican convention will have been held a month before the Post book is scheduled for release, but Baron told the AP in a statement that a book was planned no matter what because Trump had become a "major political figure and is expected to remain one."

"Donald Trump is a presidential candidate unlike any we've ever seen before. His candidacy and his positions have defied all conventions and upended the political landscape," Baron said in a statement, reports the AP.

“Trump Revealed” will come out August 23.