Scott Walker Endorses Ted Cruz Ahead of Wisconsin Primary

Posted: Mar 29, 2016 9:50 AM
Scott Walker Endorses Ted Cruz Ahead of Wisconsin Primary


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announced Tuesday morning that he is throwing his support behind Sen. Ted Cruz.

Speaking with Milwaukee radio host Charlie Sykes, Walker pointed to three main reasons for coming to this decision: The fact that Cruz is a constitutional conservative, that he’s not afraid to take on big government special interests, and finally, that he’s the practical choice. “Ted Cruz is in the best position to both win the nomination of the Republican Party, and to then go on to defeat Hillary Clinton in the fall,” he said.

Walker made a point to say he wanted to make sure he was supporting someone rather than just being against other candidates. He said supporting Cruz was an “easy call.”

Sykes seemed a bit surprised that Walker genuinely seemed like he was “all in on Ted Cruz” rather than making an endorsement simply to “block Trump.”

“Absolutely,” Walker responded. “Americans want to know what you’re for, not just what you’re against.” 

Cruz said he was "honored" to have the governor's endorsement. 

“Gov. Walker courageously stood up to special interests and won in a bitter fight in Wisconsin," he said in a statement. "His leadership has made a profound impact on the people of Wisconsin and I welcome his advice on how we can unite the Republican Party and defeat Hillary Clinton in November.”

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 With Wisconsin’s primary exactly one week away, Gov. Scott Walker will announce his official endorsement of a GOP candidate this morning in an interview with Milwaukee radio host Charlie Sykes. Walker said recently that the timing of his endorsement was planned so that it would have “maximum impact.”

The Wisconsin governor signaled last week that his choice would likely be Sen. Ted Cruz. After all, he’s been highly skeptical of Donald Trump and said last week that Gov. John Kasich “cannot” win the nomination.

Trump has also weighed in on Twitter, knowing that he will most likely not be receiving Walker’s backing.

Here's a quick look at his schedule for the day: 

Mr. Walker is not expected to campaign with Mr. Cruz, who has two campaign stops scheduled Tuesday in the Milwaukee suburbs, the first of which is to take place at the same time Mr. Walker is to appear for his live radio interview, set for 10:05 a.m. ET. Mr. Walker is scheduled to be at events Tuesday in Plymouth, Green Bay and Rothschild, all hours away from Milwaukee.

Stay tuned for updates.