Pat Roberts Brings Out Legacy Republicans In Kansas

Kevin Glass
Posted: Oct 25, 2014 11:00 AM
Pat Roberts Brings Out Legacy Republicans In Kansas
With only a few days to go before voters go to the polls and still trailing by a few points, incumbent GOP Sen. Pat Roberts now has former GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Bob Dole coming out to offer support.

Bob Dole and Mitt Romney will headline an event Monday in Overland Park for Roberts, who is deadlocked against independent Greg Orman in the fight of his political career.

Dole and Romney are just the latest in a parade of big-name Republicans to hit the trail in Kansas, a GOP stronghold that now has a central role in close contests for governor and the U.S. Senate. Jeb Bush, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have all hit the trail in Kansas for Roberts.

As USA Today reported, some of the bigger GOP guns like Cruz and Paul have already hit the campaign trail for him. While the Dole/Romney team might seem odd, given that they are failed presidential candidates, Dole is still an incredibly popular figure in Kansas politics, and seen as a centrist Republican at a time when Greg Orman has been decimating Roberts among self-identified independent voters.