Hillary Clinton Isn't Backing Down on Gun Control

Posted: Nov 03, 2015 4:45 PM
Hillary Clinton Isn't Backing Down on Gun Control

When President Bill Clinton partnered with Congress in 1994 to pass the 10 year ban on semi-automatic rifles, his party paid dearly at election time. 

Fast forward twenty years and the overall views on gun control in America have changed. According to polling, more people now believe gun rights should be protected rather than infringed upon with more gun control. As crime has plummeted, gun ownership in American has risen to record levels. 

In prior elections, gun control has been seen as a taboo issue to champion, even in liberal circles. In fact the topic is so toxic, Rahm Emanuel told President Obama to stay away from it during his first term in office in order to save Democrats during midterm elections and to save his own re-election.

Regardless, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton isn't holding back on the issue. Not only has she endorsed the idea of Australian style gun confiscation in the United States, but this week her campaign has released an ad demanding more gun control. 

Naturally, the ad was full of misleading statements and bogus statistics.

1) Clinton claims "gun violence" is an epidemic. It isn't. In fact, gun related crimes are down 49 percent since 1992. Mass shootings are not on the rise according to the Congressional Research Service. 

2) Clinton claims between 88 and 92 people per day are killed by guns, what she fails to point out is that at least 60 percent of those people die because they committed suicide. 

3) Clinton argues we need to "close the loopholes," so-called loopholes she doesn't specify, and demands universal background checks. What Clinton is really calling for is a national gun registry and the targeting of rural families.

4) Clinton has 24/7 armed security.

As we move into the general election next year, it will be interesting to see how far left Clinton is willing to go on this issue, especially in purple swing states.